Saturday, January 31, 2004

Riddle me this...? Is this Pischina related to that Pischina? But what do I know about grown women, anyway?
Going Once. Going Twice. Pischina has taught me so much. First of all, I never knew that there were eBay Chatboards. She also directs us to a really great current auction... be sure to scroll down to the photo before you place your first bid... Going, going gone.

Reading, Riding and 'Rithmetic. Joclyn got me thinking: One of the (few) good things about riding the subway all the way to Brooklyn today was the ability to read while getting somewhere. The trip comfortably fulfills my deep-seated need to constantly multi-task. I'm that way with the trashy right-wing New York Post (which I read daily only to see what the enemy is thinking, exempting Liz and Cindy), of course... When I start to get to the end of that bulky, but convenient, tabloid styled paper, I want to toss it in order to lighten my load... but it might be another two stops til I can finish that television section waaaay in the back. And then I wouldn't know all the good things that I might want to TiVO that night. So, then I'm stuck lugging it in my shoulderbag til my next bus or subway ride. Hate when that happens.
Brooklyn Family Day. I'm planning to head to Brooklyn this morning to go to The Brooklyn Museum... and to get a cheat-day steak at my favorite old pub in my old neighborhood of Park Slope for lunch... was also gonna call on a friend who has been nagging me to come visit her... she wants me to see her studio apartment since she finally followed my advice and moved a very large, old piano out of it... I was nagging her for 20 years to get rid of it... and she was hanging onto this big old sentimental hunk of junk though she never played it anymore... Now, that she has recovered from the seperation anxiety, she's glad the clutter is finally gone and she has regained about 1/3rd of the square footage of her apartment... I'll remember not to say "I told ya so"...

There is a Family Day at the Brooklyn Museum being sponsored by the agency I work for... but their current exhibitions don't look interesting to me at all... I've seen all of their long term exhibitions before... and the newest one, since last April, of Egyption Art looks like a snooze. I'd much rather see the "Virgin Mary with Dung" or whatever it was called. That sent our former hate-ridden Mayor on a tirade against Art and the First Ammendment. Remember all of that?... And some folks would like to see Giuliani run for NY Governor? Can you imagine?

Friday, January 30, 2004

Hateful Weather. Still so really cold here in Hell's Kitchen that the snow isn't even melting... there are walls of snow lining all the side streets and the avenues, too. Don't even think about crossing in the middle of the block. On each street corner, the wire trash baskets are buried or barely seen in the mounds of snow... and those hideous plastic free-newspaper racks are all askew and plowed under or are sticking out through mounds of snow at all kinds of odd angles... it's a mess. And it's really cold. Now, I'm not complaining. I'm really not. How can one appreciate the Spring if you haven't had a good cold Winter? A glutton to push my point, I briskly walked home from an administrative meeting on 24th and the East River this afternoon... granted, that the front of my skull was sooo frozen that I had a deep headache by the time I got to Hell's Kitchen... but, at least, it wasn't 100 degrees and humid. Now that's weather that I really hate! But then, how can one appreciate the Fall if one hasn't had a good hot Summer? (He asks rhetorically). I don't understand people that want to live in Florida year round... not only because the weather is boringly mild... but the state Governor is a Bush. Now, that's chilling...

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Dog Day. Those 'Dog Days of Summer' are well behind us... and yet several close friends sent me e-mails this morning beginning with the phrase: "You dog". It's almost as if they accidentally stumbled on my blog post of a few days ago. Or it's almost like they have read my mind... or have been secretly reading my browser history to see that I have been doing a lot of reading (and daydreaming) lately about adopting a little dog. But noooo, it seems they are actually expressing their supreme jealousy that I have the day off as a bona-fide Bloomberg-endorsed Snow Day! Whoop-di-doo!. So, in celebration, I've got John Mayer CD's a playin, chicken cutlets and whole wheat penne a-boiling, while I desperately try a-sortin the stacks of itty bitty tax receipts on my desk... Yet, right in the middle of the piles of paper scraps is this here keyboard and the colorfully distracting flat screen monitor as a gateway the far more interesting world wide web which keeps beckoning me like some cyber temptress to do some kind of search or other on any subject other than tax receipts... OK, OK, I guess I need to treat myself like a child and turn the damned thing off until I can actually see the wood finish on the top of my great-grandfather's desk... Not a bad idea, actually. Maybe, then I will gleefully "roll-over" and give myself a cookie! Arf!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Snow Day!! School's are closed for tomorrow! Woo Hoo! And my little Weather Pixie icon is now standing in the falling snow... that Weather Pixie is a nifty app. I called the Gunther Bus Company today to check up on my parents who didn't arrive home last night from their bus trip to Key West. I reached them in their Best Western this afternoon.... I-95 was closed in North Carolina, and Virginia apparently. ... so they had to spend two additional nights in this South Carolina motel.... Their bus driver is planning to start out at 5am tomorrow for Maryland and they should arrive at 9pm at their house, which will be unshoveled and piled high with several storm's worth of snow, I guess... That's the travel plan, anyway.... I guess if it's still storming down South tomorrow, they might get held up yet again.... But I tell ya: they asked for it... Who the hell books a bus trip to Florida at the end of January???.... NOT me, that's fer sure! "If I can't walk... then I don't wanna go."
A Weather Lesson. Snow predicted for tonight... Weathermen/women giving all different predictions within the last 24 hours from 3 inches to 15 inches in Manhattan... This is what we call here on the right coast a "Nor'easter" ... which essentially means strong winds and currents off the Atlantic ocean spawn plentiful moisture... and it all gets especially ugly this time of year when the precipitation meets an Arctic air mass like we have been having here for quite a while now (it's been a couple weeks since the mercury has risen above 30 degrees Farenheit here...). (The Hudson River passing by Hell's Kitchen is frozen right now). So depending on how fast the Nor'Easter blows through, means how much or how little snow we'll be getting dumped on our heads... right now, most accounts predict it will go by quickly... Whoosh. So that just about kills the dream for a bonus "Snow Day" from school! Shoot!

Saturday, January 24, 2004

R.I.P. The Bottom Line. The NYT reports today that The Bottom Line nightclub/cabaret officially turned in their keys to their NYU landlord over the weekend, and called it quits. I played there once or twice as an opening act for some musicians. It was a really difficult space to play for comedy, but it was a most legendary and historic musical showcase spot. (Springsteen being one of the room's most notorious success stories). Always sad to see any vestige of "live entertainment" bite the dust.
AOL to be Dumped En Masse by Happy Hour Crowd.. I went to the little Mex place around the corner last night and hung out during Happy Hour and drank ice waters while the other folks had Frozen Margaritas... Gotta admit, it's not AS fun listening to drunks when you aren't drunk too!

Anyway, the main topic was how awful AOL is... that people are being thrown off all the time. They can't get to the Internet. It freezes on the simplest commands. The mail feature jams up... etc etc... Both people were gonna leave AOL for other carriers... (poor things... unlike me, who keeps it for kicks as a secondary mail client, these people have been relying on it for EVERYTHING).

One woman was telling me that when she called AOL Tech Support, she realized that she was actually transferred to India... Now that I think about it... they all do have accents, and the connection is always fuzzy... and they have that distinctly India attitude of "Don't get too upset, irate, inyense American: I will continue to talk calmly and professionally to you and ignore any of your questions that I don't like or don't understand". Believe me, after many trips to India and dealing with Customs and Immigration, and Hotel Clerks... I know that infuriatingly cool attitude well. They also lied to me, insisting the problems I was having were in my Computer and the Start Up Menu... and had nothing to do with their over-crowded service, lack of bandwidth, glitched in Version 9.0, and their over-taxed mail clients. They had been telling it to these other people, too.

And I gotta also say, one of my reasons what I was holding out with AOL was because I felt I was supporting an American Company and the American economy. Silly patriotic me.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Homeland Security Advisory System. As seen on Mensa for Dummies.

Terror Alert Level

Goodnight, Captain. At the risk of sounding like I know every famous dead celebrity, I do want to blog briefly about Bob Keeshan (AKA Captain Kangaroo) who died this morning. I always thought he was swarmy... and a sneak... and what is with the "long illness" nonsense cited in the obituaries? C'mon: out with it, in this day and age, for Chrissake... Let's not be sneaky about that too!... Keeshan had a hard-to-pin-down slippery quality about him, like a hypocritical closet case, or something... I met him a few times when I first came to NY to audition for him. I even shot a pilot with his production company at CBS Studios on West 57th Street. I always thought Keeshan seemed like a limp noodle kind of non-entity in person. He had the kind of personality that just drew out your own energy and then did nothing with it. Like an old thirsty sponge. Now, the obits are making all kinds of comparisons linking him to Fred Rogers. Let me tell you first hand: Mister Rogers was sooooooooo much nicer in person... Rogers brought out the best in everyone he came in contact with. He was genuine. 100 percent genius. The best way to describe it: Rogers was "authentic" and Keeshan was,well... "a phoney"... Anyway, I don't mean to dance on his grave. But...
I am a Dog. This site computes me as a dog. And then this other site tells me what it means: People born in the "Year of the Dog" possess the best traits of human nature. [Hmmm] They have a deep sense of loyalty, are honest, and inspire other people’s confidence because they know how to keep secrets. [ I AM good with secrets]. But Dog folk are somewhat selfish, terribly stubborn, and eccentric. [Hmmm] They care little for wealth [True!], yet somehow always seem to have money [I do alright, I guess]... They can find fault with many things and are noted for their sharp tongues. [hehe] Dog people make good leaders. [Hmmm]. They are compatible with those born in the Years of the Horse, Tiger, and Rabbit. [What about the Rooster, AKA Cock? I want to be compatible with the Cocks, too!] You are faithful, and can worry too much. You will make an excellent business person, teacher or secret agent. [If I ever switch careers again, I'll call the FBI for a job]. Oh, and BTW I read in the paper today that it is 4702 now. But some sources still say it's 4701, but who's counting?

Thursday, January 22, 2004

That's Entertainment. I looked high and low for a good quote from the late Ann Miller, who died today. I found a goodie on the Playbill site "and i quote"d it on the other site. I first met Miss Miller during the Broadway run of Sugar Babies backstage at the Mark Hellinger Theater (now a church!). A friend of mine was a featured performer in the show, and I was often lurking around the dressing rooms during the show hoping that the lullaby of Broadway would somehow rub off on me.

She was a trip... Infectious laugh, and a brassy love for everyone. Very upbeat and a little ditzy... She called me "Honey"... but then, she called everybody "Honey"... but at the starstruck and tender age of 22, what the hell did I know???

In the nineties, I saw her steal the show at Paper Mill Playhouse in Follies... with a sensational "I'm Still Here". She killed. The last time I saw her was in the audience of the dreary Mamma Mia during its opening week in 2001. She was wearing a glittery slitted gown that emphasized her forever famous gams... and along with her jet black hairdo (wig?), and bright red lip gloss... she looked like a peppy aging caricature of her younger Hollywood icon self. I managed a quick hello, as she headed out of the house at intermission. She responded with a familiar "Hello, honey."

I don't think anybody in that misguided ABBA loving audience even knew who she was... Poor things. Few stars of that "Golden Age of Motion Pictures" remain today. Her Sugar Babies co-star Mickey Rooney and Shirley Temple come immediately to mind, but they were mere kids in those golden days...
Goodbye Goat, Hello Monkey. It's the Chinese New Year. Happy 4701.

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Weather Pixie. I get a kick out of the little guy standing on the left column of this blog that reflects the Hell's Kitchen weather. I just logged on now, after dark, just to make sure that he is standing in the dark. And he is! When it's sunny here, he's out standing in the sun... when it's snowing, you'll see the snow coming down around him. And I simply can't wait for the next full moon...! He also changes his wardrobe to something appropriate for the weather, just like your blogger! I wonder what he does when it's time for a bath over here in Hell's Kitchen?

Sunday, January 18, 2004

Sunday Sleet. Some sad slick sleety Sunday. Slick sidewalks... such slippery sidestreets. Simply surfing sicko, sinful, sappy sites. So silly.
Scrabbled Eggs. Stolen from Pischina.

Pholph's Scrabble Generator

My Scrabble© Score is: 47.
What is your score? Get it here.

Eat me. We (the royal we) are listed alphabetically as HellsKitchN on the very British URL of Sandwich donator listing, and am proud to report that my Soft Shell Crab on Toast sandwich has hit 5 star status. My Aunt Bettie's Peanut Butter and Olive is at 4 stars. They were on for a year... we just added a S'more Sandwich and Almond Butter and Jelly for 2004 entries. Woo Hoo!
Metrosexuals Anonymous. Are you a Metrosexual? I'm got 18 points out of 50. What did you get?
Golden Showers. The best [damned] place to piss away your time on the Internet®.

Saturday, January 17, 2004

A Different Kind of Nazi. So the other day I was JFK... Now today, I take the very same survey and my latest answers to the same questions have transformed me into Adolph Hitler!?! That soup from the below post on the Soup Nazi obviously has some freaky transformative side-effects...

The Soup Nazi. Just down the Hell's Kitchen block from your blogger is that famous little soup stand called the International Soup Kitchen. Anyone who knows Seinfeld knows the general layout of the place...

JERRY: No. We gotta go to the soup place.
ELAINE: What soup place?
GEORGE: Oh, there’s a soup stand, Kramer’s been going there.
JERRY: He’s always raving. I finally got a chance to go there the other day, and I tell you this, you will be stunned.
ELAINE: Stunned by soup?
JERRY: You can’t eat this soup standing up, your knees buckle.
ELAINE: Huh. All right. Come on.
(See the full Seinfeld Soup Nazi Script here)

It's a tiny place with cauldrons of steaming expensive soup and a gruff owner-operator who demands that you follow the rules and order quickly and then take a large side-step to the left so that the next person behind you can order.

Generally, the line is always "around the block" with tourists (and my readers already know how I feel about waiting in any kind of a line with tourists. Just shoot me, why dontcha.). While I have always avoided this cult-ish place, I've always been most curious about what is brewing in those giant pots. So today, I splurged the $11 for a large (about a pint) of Mexican Turkey Chili. He puts it in a bag with a cellophane wrapped package of fresh fruit: a tiny apple (can't think what you call these little kinds of apples, bigger than Crab Apples, but smaller than your smallest Gala), two strawberries, a whole Florida orange and about 15 red grapes. There is also a side container with what looks like a well prepared sour cream & chives topping for the chili... but since I was just then heading home from running on the treadmill... I only had a smidgeon of the dairy. There's also this nice hunk of chewy sesame seeded white bread, and a little foil wrapped thingie that looks like it might be a chocolate, but I haven't gotten there yet.... Well, I gotta agree with Kramer: this is expensive, but worth it! This was a truly sensational turkey chili. Thickened with shreds and chunks of fresh turkey breast marinating in a spicy tomato based sauce that includes chunks of tomato, green pepper, celery, corn and "only the Nazi knows" what brilliantly blended array of seasonings and spices. This was one super soup... I'll be back, I'm already addicted... and I'll remember that Saturdays around 2:15pm is an excellent time to go because there is veritably no line since the wide-eyed tourists are already all snug in their Broadway matinee seats seeing tacky Mamma Mia! or schlocky 42nd Street... I feel a euphoric recall coming on from sixties television commercials, and you can sing-a-long with me if you know the tune: "Mmmm, mmmm good; Mmmm good; That's what the Soup Nazi's soup is; Mmmm Good!"

Friday, January 16, 2004

Nuts to you. Seems like everywhere I turned this past week, there was some kind of talk about nuts. Mr. Nosuch suggests shaving them or gagging on them. The Early Show says you should eat as many as you can. Or you can always "teabag" them. No matter how you like em, no doubt about it, I think nuts are great.
I saw this. It was wild. Michael Musto explains: 'A whiner, but funny about it, Hebrew Hammer star Adam Goldberg got testy during an interview with cable host Barry Z, the two humans not appreciating each other's beauty. When Z smirkily asked Goldberg, "How is it playing a dick?" (meaning the uncircumsized Hammer), the actor answered, "I don't know. How is it playing a dick for you?" But Goldberg really bristled when Z asked if he's been in other movies. "Oh, pal!" he snarled, snorting for the third time. "Pal, come on. Look me up on IMDb. A little war film called Saving Private Ryan." Oh, yeah?didn't care for it, pal.' Love that Musto!

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Blow Me Down. Popeye is 75 years old!
Gonna be Zero Farenheit Tomorrow. Wind chill factor will be -30F. As for the snowstorm today, I'm exhausted... nothing like walking among 5 different work sites in these temperatures (10 degrees F) and all of that stress-inducing snow/ice underfoot does keep one completely off-balance, tense, and exhausted while expending great amounts of energy to keep some assemblance of a decent body temperature.... I just had a deep sleep kind of nap for the last couple of hours... I was zonked... Most of the little devils were absent anyway so it was all for naught... Think I'll bypass the gym today, I had my workout for this day... and can look forward to another one like this for tomorrow, only colder...

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Spreading Santorum. Postcards proudly joins the burgeoning bandwagon directing your browser to the proper definition of Santorum. It's definitely rated PG-13. We do our best to see that this site gets it's proper page rank on search engines throughout the world.
While We're At It... Any good game of Google Bombing should always include the number one page rank for miserable failure.

Monday, January 12, 2004

The Name Game. Shocking report that some parents are actually naming their children after products and corporations. Selections, according to the article, have already included: Lexus, Delta, Avis, Disney, Corvette, Ikea, Evian, Hyatt, Breck and Delmonte. Here are a few that I'm afraid of: Viagra, Kellogg, Starkist, Walmart, Charmin, Sprint, Trojan or RotoRooter. (Suddenly Prince Michael I, and Prince Michael II don't sound so bad anymore). Can you think of any other nightmare names for children based on product names or corporations? Post them in Comments below.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

The Hell's Kitchen Diet. Maybe I should publish this as a best-seller, and then go on Oprah or Dr. Phil... My hand-made New Year's Diet plan has morphed into an amalgam of every media-saavy diet and exercise plan that pre-existed. A little from here, and little from there... and the weight scale at the gym reports that I have already lost 7 pounds since January 1. (That is very possible only because I have been avoiding salt and drinking no alcohol or soda so I am not all bloated and carrying around all that excess water weight). The other 13 pounds that I am targetting will no doubt be a lot tougher to lose. From Body for Life, I am allowing a "cheat day" once per week. That would be today: where I just scarfed three slices of pizza and a diet lemon-lime soda at the corner pizza place. I also am stealing borrowing aspects of The Zone, Fit for Life, Weight Watchers, and the Beverly Hills Diet. The Donner Diet also has tremendous influence on the Hell's Kitchen Diet... but since it's been 10 degrees here lately (as opposed to the tepid degrees of Southern California where Donner thrives on his diet), I find that my body is craving more than almonds and dried fruits to keep warm... so I throw in a 1/4 cup of Whole Oatmeal and that makes it stick to the ribs and feel like a real meal before I bundle up to face the wintery elements. Also, since I am back at the gym, I am craving beef from time to time so I allow it (lean cuts only), carefully proportioned to about half of what I used to eat at one sitting. I've subsequently ruled out the Atkins altogether because I really like the feeling of feeling healthy while dieting, and the idea of eating bacon, sausages, and butter just doesn't contribute to making me feel healthy. I feel gunky just thinking about the Atkins, although I know it works.

Saturday, January 10, 2004

Friday, January 09, 2004

Mistakes Were Not Made. Postcards from Hell's Kitchen got a very nice mention by Mr. Nosuch. I'm so excited by this little inclusion because his well-reviewed site was the very first blog I ever Googled upon... and it just happened to be this dude that lives nearby in Hell's Kitchen. I've never met him. We have IM'd "to and fro" a few times. I was reading him when he was a single young whippersnapper... now he's got a lovely wife, and a doggie with a bloggie, and he always blogs interesting prose from kink to the most vanillan (see the helpful Blogging 101). Check him out. He's always a good read.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

Wednesday, January 07, 2004


SATURDAY NIGHT. (National Weather Service).
Made me actually have to close the window over my bed tonight.
Maybe yes. Maybe no.

Big Apple Blogger Bash 2004

But the guest list looks interesting.
Inflation is One Thing... and gouging is another. Route 66, one of my (up til now) favorite little Hell's Kitchen eateries had a nice "Cowboy Steak" dinner for $21.95... it was always a pretty nice lean cut of beef, thick and juicy, but never fatty, (and big enough to doggy bag for two meals) and it came with a salad, a vegetable, a potato (or a second vegetable if you're watching carbs and wanted to nix the potato-of-the-day), a bread basket, and a little bowl of green olives. Today the price has skyrocketed to $26.95. Wow. And while they claim that the beef is now the more premium Black Angus, I was quite frankly just as happy with the old cut (of God knows what breed)... OK, OK, I understand that it's not my restaurant, and I should have looked at the menu first (or the waiter could have said "Please note 'Mr. Regular Customer that I recognize' that this is a new menu this week"... but I'd been ordering this entree once every couple of weeks for a looong time... even before it was $21.95. Dear Owner of Route 66 (who I have never met or seen)... if I want to pay these high prices for a steak I'll go to a high priced place like Palm. You are a little medium priced place in Hell's Kitchen. This is why neighborhood customers come there. So, I guess this means: Bye Bye. Note: They do do a great and popular weekend brunch here... Warning: I didn't see that new menu, either).

Monday, January 05, 2004


~~~ Grab your handy dandy micro-wavable Pyrex glass covered casserole dish.

~~~ Toss in two big handsfuls of leftover pre-boiled al dente bionaturæ® organic whole wheat penne pasta.

~~~ Take half a leftover chicken breast, pulled off the bone in shreds (without the skin, of course) and drape it on the pasta.

~~~ Take fresh spinach leaves (washed with 100% clean NYC water from your Hell's Kitchen tap) and lay Popeye's favorite vegetable across the top of the first two ingredients.

~~~ Take "half of a small chinese restaurant soup containerful" of RALPHIE's ORIGINAL DELICIOUS HOME-MADE PASTA SAUCE and drizzle it all over the top of everything.

~~~ Cover and Microwave for 3 minutes, stir, microwave for 3 more minutes.

~~~ Serve.

~~~ "Delicious" -- reports the Phantom Food Critic at Postcards from Hell's Kitchen

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This. Just back from Ex-B.F. #1's annual New Year party, and eyeballing a plaster cast of his current boyfriend's penis and scrotum, too... it's displayed in a prominent place for all the guests to behold. Don't even ask, but the guy's pet name is Palomino... Hehehehe. Ah well... that's my boy...

Had fun seeing people I hadn't seen since this same party last year... and some of these folk go waaay back to when we were a couple in the mid-eighties. That was damn near twenty years ago... Jeezus!

I am proud of all the work I did in this apartment over the past week... talked the manager into selling me the Floor Sample of a finished bookcase at the neighborhood Cabinetmaker on New Year's eve... and hired a Man With
a Van to deliver it that same hour... and spent the rest of the day stocking it and unpacking ALL the boxes that were left so that they were done before midnight, and the start of the New Year. !! Wow.... Still much to do, mind you... but I made tremendous headway... and the next vacation (9 days long) is in six short weeks.... Weeeeeeeeeee.

Back to work in the morning.... and the first chore there will be to clear out all of last year's paperwork from my too heavy shoulder case to lighten my load for the New Year. Sweet dreams. (Place "whinny" soundbyte here).

Saturday, January 03, 2004

Time Flies. Just one one more day off and then it's back to work... I've made a lot of progress on the apartment though.... Not drinking has given me my mornings back again... I was at Bed, Bath, & Beyond and the The Container Store at 8:30 this morning!... The diet is leaving me low on energy. Might not be enough to fuel a work week... might take a look at the Atkins diet. Something about all the steak, butter, and cheese you can eat sounds most attractive...

Friday, January 02, 2004

Still Cleaning Out Shit. It's amazing to me how much time I'm taking to get this apartment together.... seems I keep unearthing little paper scraps that I need to deal with... it might mean typing a phone number into my Palm Desktop program, or a call I need to make, or a Web addy I need to bookmark, or a new place has to be found to store something and that means shifting, and unearthing new stuff....

In other news, I just took a couple of heaping tablespoons of Psyllium Whole Husks. Talk about your "out with the old"... and "cleaning out shit"... either way, things are really "moving along" over here. (All puns intended).

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Testing YACCS Comments
Out With The Old... Happy New Year! So let's see if this enthusiasm lasts. Been to the gym, and drinking tons of fluids. Still no alcohol since Xmas eve... bought dried fruits and almonds, and psyllium husk for my new and improved 2004 diet... and am determined to "let go" of a ton of people, places, things, 'tudes, thoughts, and habits from last year. Doin the "Let it Go Hula... (you do a little hula move with your hips and your hands and on each completed movement you chant "Let it Go" and repeat. Some woman extra on a motion picture project taught me that, and I've never forgotten it.... Hehe. She was so cute when she demonstrated it.) Have already been on a marathon housekeeping streak since 1pm yesterday (yesteryear?). Now trying to gear myself up to finish it off before the New Year gets any older.... All these little annoying little piles of paper: slips, receipts, and clippings.... Out! Out! Out!

Had a sweet New Year's eve with a coupla Broadway strippers and their husbands a coupla doors down in Hell's Kitchen...

Now, it's time to get serious... I mean really. "[hula] Let it go.... [hula] Let it go.... [hula] Let it Go...." [Repeat as needed throughout the new year].