Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Why Do YOU Blog?

Just posted this quote on the and i quote blog. It's by a novelist who is getting a lot of good press lately:

"Why do I write? It's not that I want people to think I am smart, or even that I am a good writer. I write because I want to end my loneliness."
-- Jonathan Safran Foer, in an interview, The New York Times Magazine.

Why do I blog? This quote resonated for me.

Different people blog for different reasons. Narcissism? Political statement? Communication with a friend? To convey knowledge on a particular hobby or interest? Artistic outlet?

Why do YOU blog? Discuss.


Musicguy said...

Interesting question. I think the number one reason I blog is to chronicle how I feel, similar to a diary or journal. I also get political, ruffle feathers, and generally piss people off. I consider it my little place on the web where I can say exactly what what I want, the way I want, with lots of editing and spell check.

Cincy Diva said...

Gosh what a good question! I have always been a person that cares deeply for my friends and have always tried to be there for them when problems arose. However, I am terribly afraid of laying my own problems at a friend's feet so I was blogging just to get my problems out in the open and maybe someone stopping by would give me some unbiased insight. However, someone from my community found my blog and started using what I wrote against me so I am just gunshy about posting anything personal anymore. Right now my new blog is just filler and overflow from my overactive brain. Maybe someday I'll feel comfortable enough to open up again.

Johnny Crow said...

WOW, that is a powerful quote. I know what you mean when you say it resonates with me. I have no idea who Johnathan Foer is, or what he has written, but I do know that he speaks true about why I write. I mean we can always chalk our writing up to something else, and often times those things help. Yet at the basic core of it I too write to end my loneliness. I never really thought of it that way before, but it puts things into a whole new persprective for me. Thank Mr. HK, I needed that.

dAAve said...

For me, as an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous, I write to make myself think; to put my thoughts on paper. It is quite similar to sharing on a topic in an AA meeting, with the luxury of additional time and the ability of editing.

I could do it in a notebook where no one would ever see it, but this way, I get some occasional feedback and opinions.

Greg said...

I agree with Mr. Foer. Writing (and blogging) is a way to feel more connected with the world. You put something out there and people are reading it, commenting about it, offering ideas, support, condolences, whatever.

Also, it's a way for me to keep track of events in my life, both good and bad.

Alan said...

Good question...I blogged about this the other day:


VirusHead said...

I blog for multiple reasons, and perhaps that's why mine is a bit eclectic. I blog to record questions and comments about my ExJWS information, hoping that some of these and my responses to them might be read by people who are seeking such information. I blog on political matters (although it may be somewhat dangerous to do so as time goes on) because I am truly saddened and furious about the situation in the USA - a combined emotion I haven't experienced before - and I feel the need to document those things I feel, and events/actions on the net so that I will at least have some sort of personal history - again, others may occasionally find value. Then, just the odd rumination, poem, observation - about my son, life, career, philosophy, and so on - that's for fun. I have found that the blog is a kind of easy discipline to get me geared up and ready for my more substantial offline writing. There is a kind of salve to loneliness in it perhaps, like a journal - or a prayer.

Glenn said...

Before I started to blog, I would send out these massive tomes of my life to friends and family. Now I save trees and stamps.

I blog to brainfart. If I don't vent on a regular basis, I would probably have killed some teenager by now.
I survived those first two years of teaching by blogging. It's a wonderful support group, sounding board, and therapy combined.

John said...

Sometimes I just want to write, and since blogging is an option, why not add my voice to the cacophony?

Spencer said...

great question I need to think about this and then blog about it.

Aaron said...

I've seen this question come up every so often and it's funny how the reasons change over time.

Initially I started my present blog to simply work on images and writing daily. Now I find it to be a constant - the start of my day usaully. It's also a way to keep people informed of my health since I've been going through some medical stuff. If you've ever been sick or in an accident, you can relate to getting sick of retelling the same information over and over.

Most importantly, blogging has been a means for me to relate to and engage with people that I normally wouldn't have the opportunity to meet. First impressions aren't foolproof. Through blogs I get to see how a person thinks which I may not get having simply met them.

myke said...

glenn hits the nail on the head and so does that quote ... it's both for me. a way to vent. a way to end a bit of loneliness ... a way to get outside of this seriously conservative area i live in until i can do it for real ... it's a bit of personal therapy

ReverendVelvet said...

I blog because I think my simple life might be of interest to someone out there. Long distance friends, people I've never met or will ever meet. Plus I like to re-read my old blogs. It's not where we're going but where we're coming from.

Wayne said...

Well, because I had diarrhea last night - and I just have to share it with the world.

Dusti said...

I blog in the hopes that I can reach out and connect to likeminded people. I also need to get stuff out of my head sometimes and this is a great outlet for that.

emmy said...

Most of my reasons have already been expressed far more succinctly and more eloquently by the other commenters here, so I'll summarise thus:- to vent, to create an aide-memoire, to connect, to lay claim to my little corner of cyberspace, and occasionally to post pretty pictures ...

palochi said...

Coming from a "on hiatus" blogger's POV, I originally started blogging as a creative outlet. Also, I thought I might've had something important to say to the world. Honestly, I'm not sure if I wrote anything truly relevant to anyone, but it got whatever rant, issue, and/or crusade I was confronting at the time off my chest and onto the screen. One thing I didn't expect - blogging allowed me to look back at events in my life and review. This created a somewhat unique personal perspective for me which I hadn't experienced much of before. The archives commented on what I thought I was going through at the time, and those posts helped put some of it in perspective with how I now see them now. Similar to journaling, but not similar. What makes it different from journaling in private is when you allow in the addition of comments provided by readers. That's where the impact of blogging lies for me - the exposure to the world around you of what you're all about and the feedback you get from that openness in return. Sometimes, it shows you that you're not alone in what you're thinking/feeling and someone really can relate, and sometimes it proves that you're full of crap. Gotta like that - global empathy and a cheap therapy session all rolled into one.

Ridor said...

Hey fella who owned this blog:

I blog because my friends wanted me to and they knew I bark worse than I bite.

My best friend in Phoenix, Chlms emailed me and said, "I hate what the Devil did to my penguin! Tell that guy that was not cool! Next time I will fuck him to see if he likes it or not!"

I told her that you might like it.


Don Cummings said...

I blog for the same reason Virginia Woolf wrote...to find out what I think.

I need to entertain myself. Hopefully this spills over to others.

I started as a way to promote my book Open Trench. (To be Published) Blogging has become much more than that. And now people wait for my blog. Exciting.

I also blog, on another nameless blog, to journal my addiction behavior.

Goodlovin' said...

For me Hellzie, blogging serves several purposes:

1) To connect with others outside of this red damn state of Virginia

2) To help me define my own opinions.

3) To fulfill my need to get others to think about things they might otherwise miss and to have a different perspective.

4) To complain about all the dumbasses roaming this planet.

5) To compliment all those enlightened people roaming this planet.

6) To keep in touch with friends and thank them for being so great to me.

7) To amuse others with the daily encounters I have with the world and to give others a chance to laugh at my bumblings.

8) To feed a small tinge of narcissistic ego.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading all these answers. I've tried commenting before but the Blog Comment thing has been screwing up for days and days.


Anonymous said...

Fun post

Mike Buckingham

Jennirhiow said...

I first blogged to get things off my chest, as it's heavy as it is to leave the convoluted things I think off there.

I think my initial desire was to get things 'out there', to see it in black and white, to see it tangible (hahahaaa, hypertext in virtual space is tangible!!), and to see how I grow.

Later, I think I just wanted to see if I can overflow my address book... then I can truly start having address books according to countries!! muahahaaahaahaa...

AiYahh said...

copied from my response in Gay Bloggers.

i'm similar to jaymes. i started my blog as an online journal, a place for me to take notes of things that happen in my life. once i found out that there were actually people reading, i started adding things that i thought were interesting, like public events to go to or interesting news items.

I love reading other people's blog and am constantly in awe at the amount of brainpower out there in blogland.

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Jack said...

I first started blogging because of that question
"What have you been up too?"

I used to always say.

and then of course I could not remember what I had been up to - Now I can go back and read it.

Now when people ask what I've been up too - I'm allowed to say - " Read my blog " and I hand them a card with my website on it