Saturday, July 23, 2005

100 Things about Mr. H.K.

(Doing a little updating on August 17, 2010 of this post written in July 2005)

1. I live in Hell's Kitchen, NYC.

2. I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. (I can still do a mean Bawlamer accent, Hon!)

3. I'm a gay man.

4. I'm a Cancerian to the core. My rising sign is in Libra and the moon is in Pisces. (Image from PV).

5. I am the eldest child, eldest sibling, eldest cousin, eldest nephew, eldest grandchild, and eldest great-grandchild in my generation.

6. I had a very good career as a professional show business performer. I earned a nice living doing what I loved. Until I got bored with it.

7. I’m one degree of separation from Kevin Bacon.

8. I re-invented myself at age 40, and started a second career as an educator.

9. I earned a Masters Degree from an Ivy League university at age 42.

10. The first 45rpm record I ever bought was "Sugar, Sugar" by the Archies in 1969.

11. The first live concert I ever attended was Barry Manilow in 1979.

12. While still a teenager, I had an ongoing affair with a circus Ringmaster.

13. I’m rarely late for anything.

14. I have never held a handgun.

15. I have good teeth.

16. I have never ridden a horse. I have ridden a donkey, a camel, and an elephant.

17. I’ve worn eyeglasses since the second grade.

18. I have never missed a flight.

19. I have never gone scuba-diving, skydiving or ballooning. There’s still time.

20. I was a Boy Scout. (Image from MM)

21. My first car was a used 1969 red Ford Falcon. It was called the Red Racer.

22. I once owned an AMC Gremlin.

23. I don't own a vehicle today. I use mass transit.

24. In high school I was voted Most Dynamic Personality in my graduating class. I performed in all the school's musicals, and was in just about every extra-curricular club you can imagine. In fact, I am listed on more pages in the index of the Class of 1976 high school yearbook than anyone else in the school.

25. I was manager of the high school lacrosse team when I was 16. I gave out the towels. ;-)

26. I'm a Democrat. Seem to be getting more Liberal the older I get!

27. I have never done drag. Although I do a mean Carol Channing impression and think Lypsinka is brilliant.

28. I have never been in a fistfight.

29. My career is represented in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institution by an artifact I had donated to them, at their request.

30. I've performed twice at the White House for two different presidents.

31. I am still in touch with several friends from my childhood. (I love my Bub, BMB and Kimba). Facebook has magically put me in touch with so many more!...

32. I own the entire DVD set for Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. (It was the only DVD that set I owned until I got the whole 1960's series Lost in Space. Now I own two series! Woohoo!).

33. The first live action movie I ever saw was The Sound of Music. The first animated feature I ever saw was Disney's Pinocchio.

34. My IQ in elementary school was 140.

35. I’m a dog person. My first pet, as a child was a white Persian cat. But I really loved my childhood dog. I had a dog recently. Dogs are good. He died of cancer at a young age in 2009.

36. My favorite actress is my friend Julie Halston.

37. The late Nancy LaMott is my favorite singer and was my friend.

38. My favorite male cabaret entertainer is Sidney Myer, another friend.

39. I love Lady Donothing. And Postal Lady.  Lady Gaga is interesting.

40. I’m HIV negative.

41. I’m 6’ and 1.5” tall. I weigh 186 pounds at the moment.

42. I’ve always been a morning person.

43. I usually drink half-caff coffee. Sometimes de-caff. Or tea.

44. When I was a kid, we lived on property that bordered on woods. I grew up in the woods and loved box turtles.

45. I don’t smoke. Never did. Never will.

46. I’ve never done drugs. I've never PNP'd. Never will. Gave up drinking alcohol at age 50. I've had enough to drink, thank you... One day at a time...

47. Eisenhower was president when I was born.

48. My favorite baseball team is the Yankees. Though, I wouldn’t kick a Mets player out of bed.

49. I read The New York Times every morning.

50. I enjoy sleeping.

51. I can read and write braille. Though very slooooowly...

52. I’m of German, Irish, Dutch and Scottish descent. A 2009 DNA test reveals I am of Nigerian descent. Kewl!

53. My mother went into labor with me while at an Independence Day picnic in 1958.

54. I can speak and sing in Pig Latin. (Uently-flay).

55. I still carry a PALM pilot, and a Motorola Cliq.

56. I'm was an ENFP (Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving) type on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator for many years. This year, I came up as ENFJ. Less perceiving and more judging. Does this make me a bad person? LOL

57. I’ve had three "relationships". None were live-ins.

58. I once lost 35 pounds on the South Beach Diet.

59. I like ethnic foods.

60. I was president of the Pi Kappa Delta fraternity in college.

61. I walk fast.

62. I like diner breakfasts.

63. I happily live in a 500 sq. ft. studio apartment.

64. I love, love, love exploring New York City.

65. I cry at hokey movies (and parades).

66. I’ve lived in Baltimore, MD; Brooklyn, NY; Fort Lauderdale, FL; and New York, NY. I much prefer the latter.

67. I’m a trained peer counselor.

68. I collect: Disney-ana, masks, and puppets.

69. I have sent thousands of postcards to loved ones.

70. I’ve had my name with a star on my own trailer door on the set of a major motion picture.

71. As a young kid I was always much more content to hang with the adults than with the other kids.

72. I was very close to my two grandmothers. (Never really knew my grandfathers. They died young).

73. I still have furniture in my apartment that belonged to my ancestors.

74. My first computer was the Commodore 64. It was $99.

75. My first NYC apartment rent was $150 per month in 1981. My last rental was $1300 per month in 2003.

76. I’ve completed A Course in Miracles, studied Abraham, and Science of Mind. I was an EST graduate in the 1970's. I’m essentially an optimist.

77. I avoid organized religion.

78. I was obsessed with getting mail as a youngster.

79. I hate award shows. (Even the ones where I was the one getting awards)...

80. I double-majored in Mass Communication and Public Address as an undergraduate. I graduated college in 1980. Cum laude.

81. I competed in Forensic speech competition in college. I placed nationally.

82. I was less than half a mile from the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

83. I prefer winter to summer. I abhor summer humidity and really don’t mind the cold. I find the cold invigorating. I like sweaters and down comforters.

84. My first ever celebrity crush was on Will Robinson on Lost in Space when we were about the same age in the mid-1960’s. I still have a soft spot for redheads.

85. I “hunt and peck” on the keyboard.

86. I am almost always multi-tasking.

87. I don’t much like talking on the telephone.

88. I love my DVR. Don't know how I lived without it.

89. I’ve seen the Aurora Borealis in Alaska.

90. I first started blogging in August 2001.

91. I never wear a necktie. Didn’t own any for most of my life. Just bought one in 2009 to have on hand. I've worn it twice.

92. I still have my tonsils. I no longer have an appendix or adenoids.

93. My parents are still alive and healthy in their late 70's. I love them both, and thank God everyday for their continued good health and independence.

94. The first time I was ever published was a letter I wrote to the Archie Comics fan club in 1970. In 2010, an international encyclopedia published several articles that they paid me to write.

95. The first time I was ever interviewed on television was by Oprah Winfrey on WJZ-TV in 1980.

96. The New York Times once called me “amiable and sweet natured”. LOL

97. I have traveled around the world three times. I'm grateful to have had that opportunity, but I have no desire to go anywhere these days.

98. I've lost more than 40 friends and associates to AIDS. They have taught me to seize each day.

99. I like to help people to lighten up and to look for the humor in most situations. That's pretty much my personal mission statement.

100. Thanks... But.. 99 was more than enough...


Johnny Crow said...

Wow, a lot I didnt know... I am quite impressed. Makes my life look like a quaker. Of course im half your age... so I still got time.

great stuff

Jess said...

What a great list. I'm impressed by all you've done.

Sangroncito said...

Cool list. You sound like a person I'd like to know.

dAAve said...

Good list.
What exactly is a peer counselor?

Anonymous said...

Fascinating! I'm almost twice your age, and I wonder if the letter "I" still functions on your keyboard. Interesting excercise in self-absorption.I guess it's healthy, in it's way.It is odd that you don't seem to mention having any friends or mentors,new... or old.

Roger Pollack said...

I was inspired to do one too.

4. My sign is Exit 15 on the southbound M74.

7. I cannot be separated enough from Kevin Bacon.

11. if I had ever been to a Barry Manilow concert I would keep quiet about it.

28. I have been in a knife fight [I won].

30. I have abused many American Presidents from a safe distance.

31. I am in hiding from several of my childhood friends.

67. I am a self trained abuser.

68. I collect body parts.

73. I cannot afford new stuff either.

92. I no longer have a heart.

97. Yes, I have to keep moving too.

Daisy said...

Hi Mr HK :)
What an enjoyable read! Fascinating and amazing actually.
If I sat down to write 100 things about would stop at 10! lol I don't think I could do it. I have not done much in my life, nothing of great importance anyway, that would be worth sharing.
I think one of the things on your list that surprised me the most was the fact that you can read and write braille. How in the world did that come about? Fascinating i tell ya!
I was curious if you were anywhere near the WTC on 9-11, but thought it may be rude to ask. You have answered that question now, and all I can think is omg, what a horrifying experience, no matter how close or how far away any of us were.
You have had your name on a trailer for a major motion picture...c'mon, spill, which one? :))
You have an awesome Sunday and I will catch up with you soon :)

J. Star said...

Why can you read and write Braille? Was it hard to learn? Did you use your fingers or your eyes?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


That's all amazing. Quite a bit I didn't know, and I've been reading your blog for years now.
I suppose I should try to do a list like this sometime. Quite an azing exercise. And as a previous commenter noted, it's a healthy exercise.

Well, I guess I'd need a blog first to put it on.

Some day!


Anonymous said...

Quite impressive, Dude.

I guess you'll be filling in details in your blog posts down the road..


Anonymous said...

Short History of the Meme
The 100 Things About Me meme began eons ago (or at least, it seems that way) and has worked its way into the fabric of web culture. The original source of the meme is unknown-- the meme has been circulating the blogosphere for quite some time. Though the source is unknown, the meme has not diminished in popularity.

Don Cummings said...

Gorgeous! I loved it.

I only wished it was 300!

It's so wonderful to read 100 things about someone's life. It was truly fascinating.


emmy said...

1. I have 16 things in common with Mr. HK.

2. I'm no good at making lists.

Anonymous said...

I love when people sing out with who they are. And your list is so impressive and wonderful and interesting.
Focus on all the deliciously positive comments, of which there are so many.You should be proud of what you wrote. I love it. And so do many others.


d.K. said...

This is great. I'd be hard-pressed to come up with 100 interesting things about me. You gave me an idea for one, though. You once owned an AMC Gremlin... I once owned an AMC Hornet (not quite as interesting, I know, but close! ;))

This is a good exercise. I'm going to sit down soon and try to come up with something along these lines.

Christian said...

I love this list! However, I think you just might be my long-lost twin brother. Can you say "freaky" as to how many of these match my own list? Crikey!

Glenn said...

I really can't conceive of being happy in 500 square feet with a dog. However, now that I'm in Harlem, I'm getting used to the small spaces.

Is the Buffy Musical your favorite musical? I listen to the songs on my iPod all the time.

David said...

Sheer delight. That was fascinating. Just curious, do you go to MPHC?

Lillet Langtry said...

I too have sun in Cancer, Moon in Pisces!

Thanks for your amazing list!!

Goodlovin' said...

What a great post Hellzie! I had no idea how interesting your past is.. what an inspiration. And btw... I love Baltimore. Canton and Fells Point are my spots.

BTW, thanks for the NYC advice. My trip was fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Good work! A fascinating read.


Anonymous said...

Sad about all those friends that you lost to AIDS.

And I walk fast, too!

You're an EST graduate? Me too. Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

"Great. I got it. Thanks!"

Mike Buckingham

sirreene said...

What a great day for me to begin reading. An awesome introduction!

Ridor said...

Mr. HK -- tell us more about your affair with the ringmaster.

Not many of us had that -- do tell.



Anonymous said...

I'm with Ridor. I want to hear about that Ringmaster story.

Also, more about your travels. What was your favorite place? Where would you like to go to again?

Sounds like you have plenty to post about.

Great list. Must feel good to do it every once in a while. Sort of an inventory.


Anonymous said...

We love you, Mr. Hell's Kitchen!
Jere & Terry

P/O said...

just wanted to add my props for such an interesting and detailed list! very cool.

Anonymous said...

Followed a link here from Tribe.

I never met anyone that was 1° from Kevin Bacon before. The closest I ever got was a friend of a roomate who was 2°.

I used to be great at the game a few years ago. Would beat all my friends. And I'd study up on it by surfing the Internet and

Anyway, great list. You look like an interesting guy. And that's an understatement!


Johnny Crow said...

Speaking of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, you can go here

and check out the bacon number for most actors. Interesting indeed.

I would love to know what film you were in...

Daphnewood said...

Daisy sent me over to your blog and it is great. My head is still swimming about the rent in NYC!

fantababy said...

Hey this list sounds interesting! Keep posting such interesting stuffs

Anonymous said...

My map is pathetic. Only 3%. I wonder what the average is. Your map was very balanced. Very Yin Yang.

You rode a camel and an elephant, but no horsies? Did that have something to do with dating the Ring Master???

I forget which Myers-Briggs type I am. My friend did it with me on one of my many trips to Ogunquit and I think S, N and P are in there. I have to check again.

Honey, that was a WONDERFUL list. I truly enjoyed reading it, and you have a great deal to feel proud of. You've accomplished a lot already. I can only wonder what the 2nd half of your life is going to provide. One thing is certain. When you are ready to kick the dust from this little planet, you'll be able to say to yourself that you lived a good life.

BTW: I totally agree with you about summer vs. winter. Much easier to stay warm than it is to stay cool. The only thing that I hate about winter are the short days and lack of sunshine.

And I'm a morning person too!...but I gotta have my caffeine to get those brain cells moving.

OK baby, loved the blog. Keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration.

I loved the little things... like that you own no neckties, walk fast, and like diner breakfasts!

I've got to start a blog. You're my blog hero.


KarbonKountyMoos said...

WOW! A hundred things about you - a million more stories - at least. Can't wait to read them!

bill said...

Wow, nice list. I'm an ENFP and in theatre (i wonder what your former career was). i also use a sidekick II - but don't you hate carrying around 3 devices?

David said...

I just published my 100 Thing list on my blog. Let me know what you think.

Larry said...

Hey Mr. H.K.

I'm happy that someone out there aknowledges the existence of adenoids. I also had mine removed and as a child I had teachers tell me that no such organ existed. Rubbish!

There is little that I can say about your list that has not yet been said. It is a great and varied tale.

I do have one question in parting... do box turtles bite? All I ever see around here are ferocious snappers.

Hawkwild said...

Awesome list. I should make one of my own.

Keith said...

I found thi spart of your JOURNAL (because I hate the word blog) by accident.

When you say you've performed at the Whithouse before two presidents, I assume this was in an artistic way and not like Monica ?

I don't think I could either sum up my life in so few paragraphs or be so entertaining at the same time.

You sound like a really nice fellow. KP

Anonymous said...

A fascinating read. Will you marry me?

Skipper from Omaha

Keith said...

Having just read the 100 things we didn't know about you... Would a Brit know you from your years as a performer ?

I've been on the telly in 2005.

dAAve said...

I can't believe that I only now got around to reading this list. It's all great stuff, and having met you a couple of times, I believe it all to actually be true. LOL

"said" Woman said...

As a born-Baltimorian who has called HK home for quite some time (highlandtown to hell's kitchen), I still can't get on board with the Yankees! I just can't give up on the O's...

great list and a great blog read!

Martha said...

What a lovely list. I found your blog because I have my google alert set to "Randy Pausch." I work in lovely Hell's Kitchen, and I am glad to know that you are one of its fine citizens.

Oh yes: Dogs are the best.

Anonymous said...

Great to read this update in November 2010.