Friday, July 22, 2005

When the Bee Stings

Spent most of the day putting the finishing touches on one of those mandatory 100 Things About Me memes. I never got around to completing one in all these years that I've been blogging. So, it seemed like a proper summertime project...

I can only hope that Mr. HK gets better reviews for 100 Things About Me than the "100 Minutes About Me" debacle called The Blonde in the Thunderbird got from the Broadway critics. Suzanne Somers got panned.

Here's what Time Out NY's David Coty had to say:

"We here in 2005 can only silently witness this tacky, subcamp ego fest with jaws dropped, praying for the world to end... Truly, this theatrical memoir interspersed with (horribly sung) tunes and snatches of video is exactly as bad as you would expect: thick with self help pabulum and low on discernable talent... 'If I can do it, you can too!' Somers shouts at the end. But the only inspiration one feels is to sprint for the exit."

Poor thing. At least she still has her QVC!

Anyway, I'm too pooped from today's heat to finish the damned thing. So it will become a weekend project.

As I put head to pillow at... Do I dare admit it: 9pm on a Friday night!?!?!


d.K. said...

Thanks for sending the adorable website of Oscar Madison! What a character. I can see the energy and mischief in his eyes. I'll bet he brings you lots of pleasure. I wish they'd had a similar site to honor pets when I had my dog... very nice. Thanks!


dAAve said...

I seem to be getting a little older as each day passes. 9pm is not nearly as early as it used to be. Must have something to do with these silly-fu*ks messing with the daylight time.

Jess said...

Wow! That is one harsh review.

And the 9pm thing? It's just the heat, hon. You'll be better soon. :)

Johnny Crow said...

gee H.K. I woke up at 6:30 on Friday, and I went to bed at 7 sm Saturday moring. I am back up at 9:30. I guess I must still be young, of course it could be that I am sick too... nah, I will stick with being young... good luck on that 100 piece, I still havent done one either.

Blood Ray said...

Another reason to miss my New York days. I would have loved to have seen this.