Thursday, July 21, 2005

WHY Postcards from Hell's Kitchen?

OK, class. Let's begin.

Postcards?... That's easy:

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In my past life, of ages twenties through thirties, I was a globe-trotting professional show business performer. I traveled around the world three times, I'm happy to admit... And I'd diligently stay in touch with friends and loved ones with..... you guessed it!... Postcards!

Postcards, postcards, postcards...

Thousands of them. Those souvenir ones with the postage stamps, and the glossy photos, and the personal messages scribbled on the back. From all the continents. And while sailing on each of the seven seas. I was a certifiable postcard king queen junkie in between shows!

Today, I try to keep my typical blog posts suitably short, sweet, and personal like a postcard message used to be... There's wasn't ever a whole lot of room on a postcard, so I learned to be brief. My adult ADD was quenched by my brevity as well! And, as a true to type Cancerian, I've always enjoyed staying in touch with loved ones.

Now, to the Hell's Kitchen part of the blog title. For those who don't already know. Hell's Kitchen is a neighborhood region of New York City. Loosely, it covers West 36th Street to West 57th Street from 8th Avenue to the Hudson River on the island of Manhattan. That's where I reside in a 500 square foot studio apartment with my doggie. I love it here. In the center of everything.

If you want to know more about the 'hood, here are my favorite HK links:

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Note: I'll keep coming back to this post to update this list as time goes on...

(Image from Explore NYC)

Today, Hell's Kitchen isn't nearly as rugged, ethnic, and rustic as it once was. I miss the old Hell's Kitchen. I really do. I'm really afraid the area is getting much too trendy and posh these days. But there's still enough down-to-earthiness that I feel comfortably at home here.

So, the fact is, I'd rather be sending my postcards from Hell's Kitchen than from any of the other places that I'd visited on the planet.

Countries I've Visited.

create your own visited country map
or write about it on the open travel guide

So, class, that explains the answer to the question: Why Postcards from Hell's Kitchen?

There will be a quiz on Monday!

You may be seated...


Spencer said...

hell a test hell! :)

Anonymous said...


Now I see. Always wondered if it was a title with any special meaning. Now I know!


Anonymous said...

Dude, you certainly got around the block a few times!

Mike Buckingham

Anonymous said...


dAAve said...

I too sent countless postcards during my travel years.
I'll try the "countries visited" site and see what happens.

d.K. said...

Interesting post. I used to send postcards all the time too. It's a lost tradition, I guess, which I only just realized tonight...
Also, when do we get to see a photo of the doggie? :)

Don Cummings said...

Please, include this post in your permanent links on your page so we can all refer to it forever!

Also...I have been a recipient of many of these postcards. I love them.

Joe said...

That map is messed up, you know.

David said...

I still have every postcard anyone has ever sent me. And I used to collect interesting and unique postcards during my travels. I have friends who still send them, and my parents always send me one on their many post-retirement trips.

J. Star said...

I've got quite the collection of post cards as well--having a sister in law in the foreign service helps. I wish more people would appreciate the art of postcards. Glad to see you do. :)

Mr. H.K. said...

Hi Joe...

Not to worry. In a another couple of posts it will move down the page, and then it won't bleed into the right margin of links, etc. It's a jpg, and I couldn't alter it like I can a gif.


Greg said...

I wondered about the postcard part. At least they aren't "from the edge."

Joe said...

No, I meant the boundaries of Hell's Kitchen are messed up on that map of Manhattan.

Mr. H.K. said...

Damn, if you aren't right! What the hell is Chelsea doing on there?


Johnny Crow said...

Well you got me. You have traveled to places I still dream of going. I hope to fill up my counties visited map one of these days.

As far as post cards... I love them, cause it forces you to say as much as possible is such a small space. Plus just knowing that you dont have to waste all that paper is cool too. I have some from the Azores and other places friends have been,

Glenn said...

When I was a kid, I saved all the postcards from my family and friends. I resolved to travel to every one of those locations, and now I'm the one sending postcards.

You just inspired me to send another one to my six year old niece in England. I think the postcard from the Alien museum in Roswell will do nicely.

D.B. Echo said...

Did you know that Hell's Kitchen has its own personal superhero?

It's DareDevil!

OK, he's blind. And a lawyer. And was played by Ben Affleck in the movie. But still - your own personal superhero guardian!