Saturday, May 26, 2012

Happy Three Day Weekend!

"What a great city... Very few of 'em like this... In fact, there's none." - Mayor Ed Koch.

CBS did a feature on the former mayor last Sunday and I copied some quotes to my Twitter.

 Fresh picked strawberries at Hell's Kitchen Greenmarket today.. 57th/9th. Open for business NOW.

Public Service Announcement: Tips to avoid getting bitten by a dog... from the USPS:

"You'll see people from every country in the world, skin color, every religion... It's what makes us so great". - Mayor Ed Koch, re: NYC

Rest in Peace Don Sherman, comedian, and character actor in a couple of the Rocky films. Always a pleasure to work with him!

Been a whole year since I ate dead animals... Seafood and eggs are ok. And lots of dairy... Need to wean off the dairy though. I know this. Moo.

Study finds Fox News viewers are poorly informed about the world . NPR listeners are good!

Rest in Peace Liese Jacobson, my first agent. Can still hear her voice w/ piece of advice first time she booked me on QE2: "Don't complain"

Thoughts and prayers for legendary Harmonica virtuoso Alan Blackie Schackner. Apparently his 93 plus years have finally caught up with him. And God Bless wife Bertha who is said to be at his side daily...

"If you come here for six months, and you find later on that you walk faster, and you think faster... You're a New Yorker" - Mayor Ed Koch

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