Friday, June 22, 2012

Dis N Dat

Today's blog post title comes from Nicomar. He uses Dis N Dat frequently for eclectic catch up emails. Would make for a good blog title. But alas... I just now finally got him on Facebook. I need to quit while I'm ahead...

This month’s Designer Desktop comes from H. Michael Karshis who chose a quote from Tibor Kalman, “Everything is an experiment.” Keep up with Design Milk. Design Milk on Twitter, too.

Raisins_Liaisons tweeted this week: "Sometimes I'm so happy to be home, I never want to leave".

Am enjoying clipping things for Summer Staycation... Museums, galleries, and films, theater, and local islands, and more more more... Soooo ready for the hearty Summer Break...!

Here's the New Yorkology Travel Guide if you need some ideas for yourself. No excuse to say you have nothing to do in the greatest city in the world!

TGIF in the meantime...

Todd Henry Movement sizzled last night with their creative and inspired Modern Dance art in a local Hell's Kitchen park... Six emerging artists transported a handball court into a great stage. Magic.

Celebrity Sighting this week: Katie Couric shooting some project in a flaming orange dress... On an UWS side street the other morning. I like her better since she's no longer trying to stretch into an anchor role.

I need to watch the sugar . Dr Oz sez in that link: Men: no more than 150 calories per day which equals 9 teaspoons or 36 grams... Women: no more than 100 calories per day which equals 6 teaspoons or 24 grams.

To which the famed rotund comedian Jackie Gleason would have certainly declared, "Har har har de har har"

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