Saturday, June 16, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

"Awareness of our mortality makes every moment precious so the purpose of life can become the expansion". - Deepak Chopra

Last couple weeks of work have been butt-kicking... Mostly end of year paper work and loose ends... Still one and a half weeks to go. Way too long. Just ask anybody. (Except czar- Mayor Bloomberg who demonizes all city employees at will.)

Art work accompanying this post by Dana Schutz. I snapped these shots during her wonderful run at Friedrich Petzel Gallery, closing today. Here's her Wikipedia entry. I'm a fan.

Sweet to see the Dedication credit to my 'ol pal comedian Don Sherman on premiere of Bunheads starring Hells Kitchen friend and neighbor Sutton Foster. Rest in Peace, Don Sherman. The highest rated act at Holland-American Line... That was, until a certain ventriloquist came along... Rest in Peace, Don. So many great memories of our travels together...

Springtime treat: Bite of chocolate. Fresh picked locally grown strawberry. Bite of chocolate. Strawberry... Bite of chocolate... Strawberry... You get the idea... Hell's Kitchen Greenmarket is open on Saturdays. And they still have strawberries. I just got mine.

Got an impressive mailing from ASPCA requesting my cash donation. Um... I don't like to give money to support elaborate mailings and TV ad buys. Stop the ads and buy some dog food.

Bread and Honey for self-serve coffee and a decent seating area is fine. Though loud blaring radio commercials are annoying while trying to read the weekend NYTimes.

Rest in Peace, Eduard Khil, "Mr Trololo" from the YouTube viral video of his 1976 Russian tv appearance. 1934-2012. Cause of death: Stroke. Here's my earlier blog post about Eduard Khil.

Rest in Peace Nolan Miller, 1933-2012 , the famous "Dynasty" fashion designer whose styles were iconic in the 1980's. Can you say: shoulder pads?

Pocket Pooches on Ninth at 50th/51st is no more. Storefront space is for rent.They started as a Puppy Mill purveyor. Grrrrr... I don't know what happened, but suddenly they switched to a sales dispenser of  small Rescue Animals... They also ran a grooming salon in the back that always seemed to be busy...

I've been enjoying Tanked on Animal Planet. Now I desperately want an aquarium. Or two or three... Too much is never enough... Wish I had the space...

Does any New Yorker ever accept those Awake magazines from Jehovah's Witnesses anymore? They should adapt to social media or something, eh?

Local diner "City Lights" (formerly 10th Ave Diner) is gone for good from 52nd and 10th Av. Yassiou Yianni. Hugs to beloved waitress Vivien. There was once a waitress named Doris there for a while... She made a couple longtime regular customers wait out in the freezing rain and ice one morning, even though it was after opening time. At least one of those customers left and never went back... You can disrespect a customer once... Corner spot is now for rent. Fully furnished restaurant package is for sale. See Sonny in the nearby Meat Market for more information.

What would your NYC rent have been in 1943? See Gothamist

See what’s happening at Governor’s Island in 2012.

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Hey Todd, glad you are butt kicking!

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