Saturday, August 04, 2012

Dis N Dat: First Saturday in August 2012

Good Morning Hell's Kitchen. It's 90% humidity and 75 degrees at 6:30am... Air so thick you can cut it with a knife... Ugh.

Priceless New YorkThick humid air... Not conducive to enjoying planned bike ride down Park Ave for "Summer Streets" this AM. Not to mention the Air Quality...

 "There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path". - Morpheus, said that.

Lots and lots of great new shots of Hell's Kitchen, NYC, and vicinity on my Flickr page. Both photos in this post from there, too. Click each for more detail.

Pow! Amazing Bat-errific video of Batman toys battling stop-motion style

Talking points on the Chick-fil-A mess.

After sex, some men experience sadness and regret, which is known as Post-coital tristesse! Humor is associated with intelligence and honesty, that's why most [gay men] tend to be attracted to men with a sense of humor.

"When is trash day around here? I have several people I need to place out on the curb". - @farleftcoast said that on Twitter. My friend Pix re-tweeted that in five seconds. Hm.

"He who conquers others is strong. He who conquers himself is mighty." ~ Zen Proverb

The Village Voice: 10 Best Hell's Kitchen Restaurants

Here's why my next pair of glasses will be from Warby Parker

Selling New York on HGTV sizzles as Tom Postilio starts a search for new digs for Michael Feinstein & Terrence Flannery including the Steinway Mansion. Meanwhile,  "Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman" on Science Channel is terrific, informative, thought-provoking television.

148"Don't let anger and resentment linger. Unless you actively acknowledge and release them, they will build up and fester". - Deepak Chopra warns.

Excellent choice! Martin O'Malley to deliver Louisiana Democratic keynote. He's brilliant. Could be a future president. Watch him!

Not crazy about Sen. Joel Lieberman lately, but he was correct in supporting Cyber-Security bill.  Shame on Sen. John McCain for leading obstruction of urgent cyber-security bill in the Senate. He gave in to big business who said "too burdensome". Republicans: potential cyber terrorism is now on you!

Relaxing and tweeting at the Royalton Hotel on West 44th. Philippe Starck masterpiece lobby. Like being in another world on a hot humid day. They re-tweeted me to say "Enjoy the escape!" See... Classy joint, ALL the way around.

Facial Recognition Software? YES! Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

Check out: Humans of New York. A great Tumblr...

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