Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dis N Dat Third Week August 2012

"History repeats itself. That’s one of the things wrong with history". - Dave Upton

Got to see some of the Perseid Meteor Shower on Fire Island last week. New moon-ish dark sky made the shooting stars extra awesome.

Summer vacation's end is well within viewing range... And I'm not happy about this fact...

Lobster BisqueFabulously rich and creamy lobster bisque made-to-order at nice lil' lobster place on 9th Ave...Click New York Claw for more information.

End of Summer Movies? Heard some good things about ParaNorman. I also need to see the Bourne Legacy. Will add them to the end of summer to-do list for an early morning matinee some morning... (Thanks to Postal Lady)

Fresh local cantaloupe is Awesome this year..

Ugh! My Smartphone (now obsolete T-Mobile Sidekick 4G) is once again chock-a-block with Memory Overload again... I swear it's all the Bloatware updates that are crowding out the Apps that I like and use the most... I don't know the solution... A new phone? Or will the same thing happen again in short order?

Or maybe, I should start to rely on my new, (but little used so far) Nexus 7 for more tasks and use the phone just for text and well... phone... ?

Heartfelt congrats to old friends Richard Termine and Roger Danforth on their wedding. Their Wedding announcement appears at the top of today's Sunday New York Times's Weddings/Celebrations section... Right where it should be: "above the fold"... They are great parents too.

Who Knew? Starbucks’ white paper cups are impossible to recycle due to the plastic liner on the inside!

It's Season of Savings time again. If you want to catch up on Broadway, check that site first...

And it's Never Ending Pasta Bowl time at Olive Garden again... The pasta bowl specials this year offer Five Cheese Marinara, Marinara, and Classic Alfredo for the non-meat eaters in the room this year... The Times Square restaurant is the best... But ya gotta hit it waaaay off the tourist peak times...

Typical Late Summer Breakfast? Two cage-free eggs fried in olive oil, microwaved small sweet potato and an ear of sweet corn, coffee, a banana with spots, a coupla dried apricots, a fistful of pumpkin seeds

There are three magazines that I still get in the old fashioned print format... USPS delivery and all... PC World, Time Out New York. and New York Magazine. I endorse all three.

I love reading the Sunday Routine piece in each week's New York Times... Just a matter of fact replay of how some New Yorkers spend their Sundays.

"One of the symptoms of an approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one's work is terribly important". - Bertrand Russell

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