Thursday, August 30, 2012

Good Morning World.

Good Morning, world...

This time next week... well... I don't want to think about that... Not yet...

"The present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life". - Eckhart Tolle
Proud to say I have watched NONE of the Republican National Convention nonsense... Not even Chris Christie's speech which two opinion writer's in the New York Times identified as solipsistic. Sounds like it woulda been fun!

Solipsism- The view or theory that the self is all that is known to exist.

Great word.

Meantime... Saw Sam Sheperd's Heartless... last night... Ugh.. What a miserable experience... Tedious, self serving solipsistic drivel... Get me outta here...there... everywhere...

Lois Smith was TERRIFIC however, playing a regal solipsistic nut job... (Does Postal Lady know her?)

Made rounds of West Hells Kitchen's gay scene last evening, too, Fairytale Lounge is adorably funky divey. XL was gearing up during its Happy Hour for a Hedda Lettuce guest spot. And the restaurant KTCHN was cookin' good. Ran into a KTCHN owner who introduced me to the Out Hotel General Manager... They generously offered a private tour, but I had to get over to a reception and play at the Signature across the street.

Also ran into Joe Kovacs in the hotel lobby, back on his feet after some hip replacement surgery (the booby prize after years on the road performing a particularly cumbersome commercially successful puppet character)... Joe's out shopping his outrageous puppets for new gigs from Fall onward... Let's see where Greta Green turns up next.

I highly recommend 'Last Summer at Coney Island' as a fine documentary film by JL Aronson. Lots of historical footage! 4 Stars! The matinee idol quality star of this film is obviously Dick Zigun.

Personally, I'm majorly achy today after lugging two tons of stuff to the newly refinished basement storage locker yesterday... Ibuprofin notwithstanding.

Now that the whole place is completely upended, I'm thinking it's time for a few major furniture moves... This means books need to be removed and then replaced and etc... And this is all grueling work, by any standard... And a good hearty workout nonetheless... Pass the vitamins and the ibuprofen, please... I'm going in...

"I want to be all used up when I die." - George Bernard Shaw

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