Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last Week's Fire Island Tweets. Nice

Early morning ocean dip. Pool soak. And now a smooth Ferry ride. Nice. The Big Dipper. Nice. Afternoon dip in the salt water pool. Coooool breeze off the bay. Nice Noon chimes. Nice. Fresh deer tracks. Nice. Big buck on the boardwalk... Huge antlers. Nice. Tilting bamboo in a strong cool breeze. Nice. White caps on the bay. Nice. Fresh brewed 8am morning coffee on a pier in the woods. Nice. Screaming seagulls say good morning over a choppy, windy bue sky bay. Nice. Amazing thunderstorm rolled in from the bay. Brilliant lighting. Pouring rain. Nice. Robin Byrd just struck up a conversation with me about ice-cream. Nice. LOL.... Yep! Grilled swordfish, linguine marinara. Nice. It's Tuesday. It's Pasta Night. At Cherry Grove Pizza. Nice. Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY. Nice. Doe and her two baby fawn. Nice. Bay breeze. Nice. Afternoon hike in the woods. Nice. John and Brad's favorite fallen tree. Nice. Swans. Nice. Robin red breast. Nice. Secluded spot to meditate. Nice. Orange butterfly. Nice. Morning Atlantic ocean dip on desolate beach. Nice. Sand bar. Nice. Breakfast by the pool. Nice. Waking up at 9am to the sound of a trickling waterfall. Nice. Cassiopeia. Nice. Shooting star. Nice. Toad in my path. Nice. Bats overhead. Nice.

"Beware the barrenness of a busy life". - Socrates

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