Friday, August 31, 2012

Vebo Fitness is Stripped Naked

Vebo Fitness (formerly Club H) on West 55th between Ninth and Tenth Avenues has stripped out their all of their equipment and are gone for good.

Text on the Website this morning:

ATTENTION MEMBERS: With much regret we needed to close VEBO. We at VEBO tried everything, and we mean everything, to work out a deal with the Landlord; we as an organization could not advance with the renovations and new equipment without having a finalized agreement in place. We waited to the last possible moment, still trying to work an agreement with the Landlord, before closing our doors. We believe that due to issues with the former gym owners, he did not want to work out a logical deal with VEBO. Please be advised that your membership has been canceled, you will not be charged any further. We have posted a bond, as per New York State Regulations. Please understand this was under expected. To assist you in your membership cancelation process, please contact ABC Finances directly at 888-827-9262 they will assist you further.

This was their former address and contact info: 423 W 55th St 1st Fl (between 10th Ave and 9th Ave) New York, NY 10019 Neighborhoods: Hell's Kitchen, Midtown West (646) 801-6660

Of course, those who pay monthly can cancel their monthly payments... But what of the people that were given a deal for a year or more in advance?

See the Vebo fitness Yelp page for lots of angry comments... 

I'm glad it wasn't me...

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