Monday, September 17, 2012

On Rosh Hashana by Marianne Williamson

For Jews, tonight began the High Holy Days. Tonight and tomorrow are Rosh Hashanah, which is the Jewish New Year. For ten days between now and Yom Kippur -- the Day of Atonement, which is the holiest day of the year -- we experience what are called the Days of Awe. It's a very similar concept to Ramadan, as we're instructed to use this time to set our hearts right with God. When we use these ten days for the serious soul searching asked of us, we often find ourselves on Yom Kippur doing more confessing and atoning than we might have expected we'd be doing! It's not so easy during the Days of Awe to just push things under the rug. You don't so easily do the, "I'll think about that later" bit, when thousands of years of history are saying, "No, you'll think about it now." Then, on Yom Kippur, when you do confess and atone and get it all out and into the hands of God, it's the most exhilarating thing you can imagine when the shofar is sounded at the end of the day and you are "recorded for one more year in the Book of Life." To my Jewish friends, Shana Tova. To my non-Jewish friends, may the universal Truth as it is reflected through the Judaic prism be a blessing on your paths as well. - Marianne Williamson

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