Friday, September 07, 2012

TGIF: The First Week of September 2012

"If you were deliberately trying to design the worst possible four days of weather to launch a new work year for this blogger... Then, you got it perfect! Horrid humidity in non-air-conditioned buildings. Dreadful!

Back in the steamy subways: "Be Aware. Be Alert. If you See Something, Say Something".

OK... The regular Twitter app for Android is perfectly fine these days... Seesmic, which I had previously adored, was bought by HootSuite. HootSuite makes clear in their FAQ they want little to do with the casual user and even encourage us to go try the Twitter app. OK then. Ba-Bye Seesmic. It was a great run while it lasted.

"At the deepest level of Being, you are one with all that is." ~ Eckhart Tolle

After Gabby Giffords leads Pledge of Allegiance, Rachel Maddow said not to put camera on her, she's crying like everyone else.

"Learning to live in the present moment is part of the path to joy." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

Georgia Rep John Lewis gave a brilliant, powerful and moving address to the DNC. Do yourself a favor and look at a replay of his speech!

"Clear up the clutter. It diverts your attention, hampers your thinking, dilutes your efforts, and hinders your progress". - Merrill Douglass

Is this true??? Google Facts tweeted: "Cell phone GPS-tracking isn't illegal. In fact, you can see where everyone is just by knowing their number here

 Barney Frank calls Log Cabin Republicans Uncle Toms. See Wonder Man's Frank post.

She didn't have a chance... Slate Magazine asked: Who was better?, Bill Clinton or Michelle Obama? Insta-poll. 

Bill Clinton is SO the bomb. "Nobody's always right. And a broken clock is right twice a day." - President Bill Clinton

Sleeping yourself smart  Also see the science of sleep and emotional regulation.

As a Baltimorean by birth I've always adored and respected the great Senator Barbara Mikulski. Great to hear that Bawlamer accent onstage at the DNC 2012!

"If your happiness depends on what somebody else does, I guess you do have a problem". - Richard Bach

Only 2 days into the work year, and the humidity notwithstanding, summer seems like it was weeks and weeks ago... my whole system's changed.

10 Tips To Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medication from Mayo Clinic.

"Enemies are so stimulating." - Katharine Hepburn

Men and Women Really Do See the World Differently | LiveScience  

Bloomberg On West Indian Day Parade Violence: Hey, It's Down From Last Year!

How about Clinton-Obama 2016? Hillary and Michelle. I like it.

"In the age of the Internet, fixed prices are a thing of the past." How Amazon prices by the minute Get a bargain on Amazon by pretending to sell the item you want to buy.   

Fing Duck ‏@FingDuck sez on Twitter: "Truth is a controlled substance". This week's Democratic National Convention showed deep passion and love for Obama... Last week's Republican Convention showed negative hatred and no passion at all for Romney.

A star is born. OMG Mayor Julian Castro is one POWERful speaker... Brilliant!

So humid this week that you could step off a city bus with A/C and your glasses steamed up...

"Don't cheat the world of your contribution. Give it what you've got". - Steven Pressfield

Some young kids on the bus: "That's the way uh huh, uh huh, I like it uh huh, uh huh" as a hand clap chant...

Ran into a principal friend from one of the Hell's Kitchen high schools on my way to work this morning. He's psyched for a good year... I'm not in the mood...

From the DNC A tribute to the late, great Senator Ted Kennedy:  A moving and powerful portrait...

"Enlightenment doesn't care how you get there." ~ Thaddeus Golas

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