Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hell's Kitchen and Sandy

"Gratitude from Hell's Kitchen!"... Declares this lucky little piggy in a pre-war house of brick.

Hurricane Sandy huffed and puffed... but couldn't blow this house down. (But, she did blow a crane off a highrise a coupla blocks away! Which still dangles and closes my street to traffic from falling debris)...

 Luckily, that's me up North in this stunning photo at left... Up where the lighted buildings are. ABOVE 42nd Street.

Up here: Lights flickered, and phone service has been spotty... But "so far so good".

 It will take some time for the whole city to come back together... But it surely will...

One day at a time... Peace.

I'm not clear if all of Hell's Kitchen was spared... I know (believe?) the area above 42nd Street has power...

You can see the lights in the distance in this photo by Nick Summers on Instagram.

Here's an article on Gothamist: Photos, Video: Lower Manhattan Loses Power After Possible Con Ed Explosions.

Also see: Gothamist: Sandy A Devastating Disaster For Mass Transit

Like I said, this will take a while....

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Roberta said...

Glad you are well. Grateful to see the pic you posted, gives perspective to someone like me!