Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Yesterday was Columbus Day 2012

Yesterday was Columbus Day 2012

I'm all for Italians... But I've yet to find one yet who really takes pride in Columbus Day... They take great pride in their heritage, yes... Built in Christopher Columbus? Not so much...

I so enjoyed the Monday Holiday.

... Completely!
Random recollections:

I used this online timer when I make fresh Irish Oatmeal and boil fresh beets...

We had the first real chill of Autumn on Monday.

Saw that Ahhhh-nold appeared on some TV news shows over the weekend that were collected on my DVR... Arnold Schwarzenegger was and always will be a creep. Why would anyone want to read his book? Should have been titled SLIMEBALL if you ask me.

I realized that I am craving pumpkin pie...

OK... First one who complains that it's "too cold", gets it!

My Twitter feed moved up 430 spaces in New York ranking... Still is to #26,874th a good thing?... I mean, really? LoL. This is hysterical...

Changed the Google Authenticator Two Step Verification to the new Android. A surprisingly simple process. Highly recommend you do it too. To protect yourself!

Some idiots wrote a TV commercial for Resorts World Casino don't know the difference between the words further and farther.

Put my T-Mobile Sidekick 4G to eternal rest.

I realized this: Swype is absolutely astounding!

I wondered who is looking more Neanderthal-ish lately... David Gregory or Perez Hilton?

My DVR showed me that Chelsea Clinton was a guest on Charlie Rose Show last week. Very good!

A Street Fair on Eighth Avenue on Sunday was a soggy wet mess...

I re-tweeted this from Noog: "Can't wait to see people dress their pets for Halloween, then hear them say 'Oh don't worry, he loves it.' No he DOESN'T".

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truthspew said...

I'm all for changing the name of the holiday to "He conned the jewels out of the Queen Day!"

And the conundrum for me - half my ancestry is Italian, the other half is predominantly Irish but also has French Canadian and Mohawk in the mix. Yep, all American Mutt!