Thursday, November 29, 2012

PSA: Ayenyah Junior High School / OrphanAid Africa

My friend Zoe Lewin in heading up this project... She's in the picture at right.

In Ghana, West Africa, approximately 40 percent of people are considered poor and approximately 14.7 percent live in extreme poverty, unable to even provide for basic health and nutritional needs. Extensive poverty, effects of HIV/AIDS and the lack of opportunities for education create higher numbers of OVC, leaving children orphaned or on the brink of family breakdown.

 Children who complete primary school are oftentimes unable to move on to Junior High School as there may not be one easily accessible in their community or they are unable to afford the school fees. Without furthering their education, these children continue in the cycle of poverty with little hope for a bright future.

Hope Connects and OrphanAid Africa are partnering to rebuild and equip a school in the community of Ayenyah in Ghana, West Africa, to give students in grades 7-9 an opportunity to receive a quality education, enhanced stability, as well as a hope for a future. To request the Ayenyah Junior High School Project Portfolio, please contact

By giving to the Ayenyah JHS Center for Excellence through their partner, Hope Connects, you can be assured that your gift will go directly to Solomon and his classmates to cover the costs of running a new & exciting school in this rural village in Ghana. To give your tax-deductible gift today, visit Hope Connects and allocate your funding to: Ayenyah Junior High School Project.

To Donate use this form and pulldown the menu to Ayenyah Junior High in Ghana. Here is more info on Ayenyah Junior High School.

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