Sunday, November 04, 2012

We Endorse Barack Obama for President

The Editorial Board at Postcards from Hell's Kitchen blog, has convened and decided on an Endorsement for Barack Obama for President of the United States. (OK, the Editorial Board consists of me)...

Here's five reasons why we endorse Obama... (The royal We)...

Jobs are Growing, Not Stagnating

Paul Krugman in The Blackmail Caucus points out: If President Obama is re-elected, health care coverage will expand dramatically, taxes on the wealthy will go up and Wall Street will face tougher regulation. If Mitt Romney wins instead, health coverage will shrink substantially, taxes on the wealthy will fall to levels not seen in 80 years and financial regulation will be rolled back.
Because I agree with this Fire Islander. And to those who want to vote for Obama but might not make it, get off of your sorry ass! If you are overwhelmed with cleaning up this mess, as I am, take a break for something important. Get on a bicycle and get to the voting booth anyway.

 What Romney Has Said Offers Clues if He Wins Mr. Romney has been less clear about what action he would have taken instead. What follows are snapshots of his reactions then and now, which provide a sense of how he might have responded if he had been in the Oval Office and how he might approach economic policy should he be elected president on Tuesday.

Because Paul Ryan is a Bozo.

The Simple Case for Saying Obama is the favorite.

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Jess said...

A very insightful endorsement!