Friday, December 21, 2012

Crazy Busy or Just Crazy?

I had a job for an events company, and i worked under a high strung "busy martyr" ( someone who competes to be more busy than you in order to feel superior). He was sweet, but he definitely labored under the "you're not busy unless you're crazy busy" syndrome. Once he yelled at me: "don't you understand how busy i am? I had to miss lunch every day this week!!" 

There's not a day that doesn't go by now that someone doesn't use the term "crazy busy" as if being busy, or having things to do isn't enough anymore. You have to add the "crazy" part so that people understand you're important, or have purpose. 

But what happens when you stop?? 

... Ive been thinking about this because this is a really stressful time of year, and one where everyone seems to be in overdrive, and it's frankly no fun at all to talk to people unless you can calm them down for them to focus. 

Have you noticed that the people who are the most "crazy busy" get the least done? 

Today try not to be "crazy busy"- crazy busy is annoying. 

Today, just try to be productive, or a little busy. 

But if you're too crazy busy to return a phone call, or answer an important email, or be present when someone is talking to you, you're not crazy busy, you're just crazy.

By Daniel Nardicio.

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truthspew said...

Never been busy enough to actually miss lunch more than a handful of times in my life.

You have to prioritize.