Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Evernote's Arrogance

Soooo,  Evernote has deigned that I have nothing better to do than wade thru FAQs to master a new third party app with five day's notice before they cut-off the @MyEn link tomorrow.

MyEn is/was used to automatically archive select Twitter content to Evernote Premium user's accounts?

Quite arrogant of Evernote. Is it that much trouble to keep @MyEn as an option to those of us who like/use it? Can Evernote assure us that these apps will even be around for more than six months before they fade away and cut off our only key to Twitter integration??

Using Evernote these days seems increasingly like a full time job all by itself, he says, as his brand new complicAted Evernote Scanner sits on the floor still in the box awaiting his learning how to use the damned thing...

Simplicity? Never with Evernote, it seems. They need a Boomer in the office to point out that bells and whistles aren't so good if you leave customers in the dust...

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