Saturday, February 15, 2014

I Prefer Sam Champion to Al Roker

This winter has been brutal... And I'm a winter guy...

But all these snowfalls (15+) and Polar Vortexes have been unrelenting... In fact another 2-4" is expected again this afternoon.

But I don't complain. Because I'm a winter guy...

 In a few weeks no one will think of any of it... Including the Mayor and Chancellor decision to open schools because they want hot lunches available... Hey if there's a Snow Emergency and you ask everyone to stay off the roads, then why are students and staff forced to go in?

Don't a lot of City employees get hazard pay, and overtime and other rewards for working in the snow?? What do teachers get?

But yeah, in a couple of weeks it will all blow over. The worst thing about the schools issue is that it gave press mileage to Al Roker... Ugh... (I'm a Sam Champion man myself... If you know what I mean... wink )

Soon, we'll all be complaining about the heat and humidity. I already know who to blame: Al Roker.

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Anonymous said...

...Record daily maximum snowfall set at LaGuardia NY...

A record snowfall of 3.2 inches was set at LaGuardia NY yesterday.
This breaks the old record of 2.8 set in 2007.