Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Rant on Social Media

Tried that new in-your-face Facebook Messenger app on my tablet for a few minutes this morning... It tried to hijack my address book, then it tried to get me to allow people everywhere to search me by my phone number... Apparently, it didn't like these same settings that I had set previously in Facebook... It also defaulted to making me visible, when I've clearly told FB many times I want to be invisible... From the days of AOL Instant Messaging, I never liked being interrupted by incoming messages... Feel the same way about the phone. Hate when it rings. All are instruments of intrusion... Send me an email... I'll get to it eventually... Urgent? Send a text... I liked when FB Messages ran like email, and abhor that it's trying to act like SMS and phone now... I like my Internet compartmentalized... These providers don't... They want to be my everything... Even Tumblr is trying to act like Twitter and Facebook... Instagram is also an amalgam of platforms... Flickr looks like the others now, too. Keep it up guys, and soon people will refuse to register with ANY of you...

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Anonymous said...

Right on, brother.

Roger Pollack